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Programming Tracks at Disrupt SF 2018

Programming Tracks at Disrupt SF 2018 – TechCrunch

  • China and US face off in AI with Kai-Fu Lee (Sinovation)
  • See a live demo of the latest in conversational artificial intelligence with Jason Mars (Clinc)
  • Quantum Supremacy with Dario Gil (IBM)
  • Dismantling Algorithmic Bias with Patrick Ball (HRDAG), Brian Brackeen (Kairos) and Kristian Lum (HRDAG)
  • Discover AI & Machine Learning startups like ConserWater Technologies, 3DLOOK and Rosey in Startup Alley

  • Gaming’s Next Respawn with John Riccitiello (Unity)
  • Editing Reality with Anjey Midha (Ubiquity6)
  • Discover Augmented & Virtual Reality startups like COZYO, KeepEyeOnBall and Skrite Labs in Startup Alley

  • How Coinbase Keeps Building with Brian Armstrong (Coinbase)
  • Regulating Finance and Cryptocurrency with Jina Choi (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, San Francisco)
  • From Blockchain to Banking with Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple) and Michael Arrington (Arrington XRP Capital, founder, TechCrunch)
  • Connecting the Blocks with Sam Cassatt, Amanda Gutterman and Joseph Lubin (ConsenSys)
  • Discover Blockchain startups like Airfox, Zeehaus and Omega Grid in Startup Alley

  • Moonshot Philanthropy with Priscilla Chan (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)
  • Decoding the DNA Opportunity with Anne Wojcicki (23andMe)
  • Rewriting Life’s Future with Rachel Haurwitz (Caribou Biosciences) and Trevor Martin (Mammoth Biosciences)
  • A Conversation with Robin Berzin (Parsley Health) and Aaron Patzer (Vital Software) about what’s next on the horizon for HealthTech
  • Discover Biotech & Healthtech startups like Actijoy, Circadia Technologies and Virtue in Startup Alley

  • Fireside Chat with Nikolay Storonsky (Revolut)
  • Taking on Silicon Valley with Marty Chavez (Goldman Sachs)
  • Fireside Chat with Baiju Bhatt (Robinhood)
  • Discover Fintech startups like ID R&D, Oxygen, and Mount Wish

  • Reaching The Next Creators with Roblox’s David Baszucki (Roblox)
  • Gaming’s Next Respawn with John Riccitiello (Unity)
  • High school esports platform launch and demo with Delane Parnell (PlayVS)
  • United in Discord with Jason Citron (Discord)
  • Discover Gaming startups like SportsMe, Storyball and Uplifting Technology in Startup Alley

  • Venture Capital in 2018 with Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures), Megan Quinn (Spark Capital), Sarah Tavel (Benchmark Capital)
  • The Art of Scaling with Reid Hoffman (Greylock)
  • Finding the Next Silicon Valley with Doug Leone (Sequoia)
  • Even Harder Things with Ben Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz)
  • Making Sound Investments with Ashton Kutcher and Effie Epstein (Sound Ventures)

  • How tech can empower inmates with Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins (Promise), Rose Afriyie (mRelief), Frederick Hutson (Pigeonly) and Neil Shah (Concrn)
  • Extinguishing Silicon Valley’s Trash Fire with Bo Young Lee (Uber)
  • Advancing Equity in Silicon Valley: In Conversation with Arlan Hamilton (Backstage Capital) and Aniyia Williams (Black & Brown Founders)

  • Uber, One Year Later with Dara Khosrowshahi (Uber)
  • Driving Self-Driving Cars with Kyle Vogt (Cruise)
  • Product Launch and Fireside Chat Dieter May (BMW)
  • Building the Car of Tomorrow, Today with Reilly Brennan (Trucks VC), Chris Urmson (Aurora) and Laurie Yoler (Zoox)
  • Discover Mobility startups like Cargofy, Einride and Toposens in Startup Alley

  • Security in the Age of AI with Nicole Eagan (Darktrace) and Dr. Fengmin Gong (DiDi Labs)
  • Discover Privacy & Security startups like Carbn, Openpath and UATAG

  • Building Successful E-Commerce with Warby Parker’s David Gilboa
  • Fireside Chat with Emily Weiss (Glossier) and Kirsten Green (Forerunner Ventures)
  • Printing the Next Footwear Joseph DeSimone (Carbon) and Eric Liedtke (Adidas)
  • Fireside Chat with Michael Rubin (Fanatics)
  • The Promise and Perils of Early Branding with Emily Heyward (Red Antler), Philip Krim (Casper) and Tina Sharkey (Brandless)
  • Discover Retail startups like GreenSTOP, Garbi, and Resonado

  • Fireside Chat with Colin Angle (iRobot)
  • Electronic Apparel Demo with Rich Mahoney (Seismic)
  • Answering the Door with Jamie Siminoff (Ring)
  • Discover Robotics startups like Cedar Robotics, Robotic Materials, and Orby

  • Defending the Future with Marillyn Hewson (Lockheed Martin)
  • Launching a New Space Economy with Natalya Bailey (Accion Systems), Peter Beck (Rocket Labs) and Will Marshall (Planet)
  • Beyond Moonshots with Alan Stern (NASA)
  • Discover Space startups like Audacy and Infostellar

Sponsors and Partners

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Google revamps local events search to include personalized suggestions

Last May, Google launched a new events feature designed to help web searchers more easily find things to do nearby, while also challenging Facebook’s dominance in the local events space. Today, Google is updating event search with personalized event suggestions, and well as a new design that puts more event information directly in the search results.

When the feature first launched last year, Google said it was built in response to the millions of search queries the company saw daily for finding local events and activities.

However, it was also clearly an area where Google had ceded ground to Facebook. The social network said last fall that 100 million people were using Facebook Events on a daily basis, and 650 million were using it across the network. Those numbers have surely grown since.

The original design for Google’s events search offered web searchers a list of events they could filter by category and date. Meanwhile, the event listings themselves were powered by data from Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, Meetup, Vividseats, Jambase, LiveNation, Burbio,,, StubHub, Bandsintown, Yext and Eventful.

Now, Google is returning these event results in a new format – instead of more standard search results, they appear as cards, each with a little bookmark icon you can click on to save the event details for future reference.

In addition, when you tap on one of the event listings’ cards, you’re directed to a more information-rich page, offering the date, time, location, and shortcuts to save the event, buy tickets, get directions, or share it with others. The design looks even more like a Facebook event page, albeit without a discussion section for posts and comments.

Clicking on the “Get Tickets” button will pop up a window that links to ticket resellers for the event in question – like Ticketmaster or StubHub, for example.

As users continue to click, browse and save events, the system will also be trained to know what sort of events users like.

This data will be used to power the new personalized recommendations feature, found in the bottom navigation bar’s “For You” tab, which organizes suggested events by category, like “concerts,” “festivals,” “shows,” free events, and more. This page will also show you trending and popular events in the area, if you need ideas.

The feature is not currently live for everyone, but is rolling out to mobile users over the next few days, says Google.


All Raise, a company dedicated to diversity in founders and funders, is hosting a series of workshops for women founders at Disrupt SF. This program falls perfectly in line with Include (TechCrunch’s diversity initiative) and Disrupt’s Justice/Diversity track.

All Raise, a company dedicated to diversity in founders and funders, will be hosting a 3-part series of workshops for women at Disrupt SF. This program falls perfectly in line with Include (TechCrunch’s diversity mission) and Disrupt’s Justice/Diversity track.



  • For 90 minutes, women founders have the opportunity to participate in one of 12 roundtable workshops, discussing major challenges from fundraising to recruiting strategies. These workshops will be led by richly experienced mentors, including Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures) and Susan Lyne (BBG Ventures).
  • Following the roundtable workshops, there will be an “Ask Me Anything” with select All Raise leadership. You have a unique opportunity ask the top women in venture questions about whatever is top of mind. 


  •  All Raise will host Female Founder Office Hours at Disrupt with 18 or more All Raise VC and founder mentors. All female founders at Disrupt may apply for a 30-minute session. There will be 108 sessions over three hours.

Just purchase a Disrupt SF pass and you’re good to go. All pass types have access to the All Raise workshop and office hours, but a Founder pass provides access to CrunchMatch and other female-focused activities to make the most of Disrupt SF.


Need help getting a pass? All Raise has 50 to distribute. Apply here.


Diversity is central to TechCrunch’s mission.  

We believe everyone, regardless of background, should have access to the immense possibilities of the tech world, and, at the same time, we are confident that more diverse workforces will only strengthen technology businesses.

Read here about how we implement Include’s guiding principles into editorial, events, media and more.