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Nomad releases a stunning wireless charging pad with Apple Watch dock

With Apple’s AirPower still missing in action, the Apple accessory ecosystem has been attempting to fill the need with similar products. Some of these third party products are better than others, and the new Base Station from Nomad looks to be the best of them all.

The Base Station does two things. One, it wireless charges up to three mobile devices. Two, it charges an Apple Watch through an integrated Apple MFi-certified Magnetic Apple Watch charger. More so, it looks great.

A padded leather surface covers three charging coils allowing the unit to recharge up to three devices — or one device laying horizontally across the pad. Each of the coils are Qi-certified and output at 7.5W. As for the Apple Watch, it can only be recharged using the included magnetic charger unless Apple activates Qi-compatibility through a software update.

The Nomad Base Station is available now for $120. Don’t have an Apple Watch? The same charging base is available for $20 less and still supports up to three devices.

The best UK deals for Wednesday: Smiffys Halloween costumes, Plymouth gin, Black+Decker tools, and more

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It's not too late to grab a Halloween bargain.
It’s not too late to grab a Halloween bargain.

Image: amazon photo composite

It’s Halloween and that means you have a free pass to dress-up as something spooky, eat as many sweets as you can handle, and maybe engage in a scary movie marathon.

If you haven’t already got your sweets stocked, then there is still plenty of time. If you haven’t yet got something to wear or some decorations for your house, well, time is running out fast. 

If you have left it late then the fact that Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year might be your saving grace. Even though there will be plenty of people out and about tonight, there will also be plenty of spooky activities on over the weekend, meaning you still have time to grab a last-minute costume. 

You could pick up some Scarecrow adult vampire fangs, a Smiffys women’s zombie countrygirl costume, or a Smiffys men’s zombie policeman costume, all on sale and all in time for the weekend.

Elsewhere in today’s deals round up, you can save on technology for the home, food and drink, and tools. For example you can save on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, down to £179.00 from £229.00.

These are the best deals from across the internet for Oct. 31.

Halloween offers

This Smiffys women's zombie countrygirl costume is down to £9.99 from £50.00.

This Smiffys women’s zombie countrygirl costume is down to £9.99 from £50.00.

Image: amazon

Technology on the home

The Trust PC gaming speaker system is down to £59.99.

The Trust PC gaming speaker system is down to £59.99.

Image: amazon

Food and drink offers

Perfect for a Halloween party.

Perfect for a Halloween party.

Image: amazon

Deals on tools

DIY is all about the quality of your tools.

DIY is all about the quality of your tools.

Image: amazon

Apple ditches the headphone jack on latest iPad Pro models

The headphone jack is missing from the latest versions of the iPad Pro. It’s gone. Dead. Worse yet, the headphones that come with the iPhone will not work either. Apple ditched Lightning for USB-C. Instead, Apple is selling a USB-C to 3.5mm dongle for $9.

The latest iPad Pro models follows the trend lines set by the iPhone. Just like on the iPhone, the Home Button is missing, and the headphone jack is gone. It’s a concession some users might find surprising. On the iPhone, there’s obviously less real estate to integrate a large port but that’s, in theory, less of an issue in a large device like a tablet. But it makes sense. Apple tends to maximize margins by ensuring different products use a similar set of hardware. And since the iPhone hasn’t had a headphone port since 2016, it’s about time the trend hits Apple’s other mobile device.

Headphone users are not the only users left in the dark. The iPad has long been a great device for a stationary audio controller. Now, instead of simply connecting the tablet to a stereo with a 3.5mm cable, a $9 dongle is required. Want to use headphones? Apple would obviously prefer if owners use $159 AirPods though there are a handful of USB-C headphones including these from Google.

Apple Fall Event 2018

Why we’ll never get rid of program guides — MashTalk

Want live TV over the internet? Today you have several options, including Hulu, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, and more. It’s hard to remember, though, but there was a time when there were virtually no options for consumers who wanted to cut the cord. Sure, services like Netflix and Vudu provided plenty of titles via on demand, but current content was scattered across myriad websites and services, and it didn’t do a good job of replicating the TV experience.

Then Sling TV came along. Launched by satellite powerhouse Dish Network in January 2015, Sling TV wasn’t the first over-the-top (OTT) video service, but it was the first to get it right, both in terms of user experience and offerings. It made deals to package several popular TV channels live over the internet, including — crucially — ESPN. Since then it’s expanded in terms of both content and features, now offering dozens of channels, a cloud DVR, and even its own streaming box, the AirTV Player.

One of the key people behind the service is Jimshade Chaudhari, Sling TV’s vice president of product marketing and management. Chaudhari dropped by Mashable’s MashTalk podcast for a dive deep into the state of internet TV, discussing how Sling differentiates from the now-crowded playing field, whether we’ll ever get rid of program guides, and why everything isn’t just on demand already?

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Always stay warm with this shirt – Mashable Deals

This adaptable shirt is perfect for any climate. With three different warming modes, The Flare shirt will keep you prepared and ready to take on any environment. Whether it is a cold airplane or the Himalayas, The Flare has your back.

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