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Your (slight) patience will be rewarded.
Your (slight) patience will be rewarded.

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TL;DR: You can save $50 on the multi-functional Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 40-millimeter model — and another $19.01 if you opt for no-rush shipping at checkout. 

Patience is a virtue, and this Prime Day, it can pay off big. 

So far, we’ve seen some pretty stellar deals on Apple essentials including this Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 40-millimeter watch marked down $50 for a total of $349. Amazon is sweetening the deal by discounting the watch another $19.01 for shoppers who opt for free no-rush shipping at checkout. Seeing as though you’ve lived your entire existence without the watch, waiting a few extra days to save an additional $19.01 shouldn’t kill you (but hey, you do you). 

You’re probably familiar with the specs of the popular Apple wrist gadgets, but a refresher never hurts. This particular model boasts a waterproof design, automatic workout detection, and a health monitor to serve as your wellness companion in all elements. 

Of course, you’ll stay plugged-in with all your notifications, calls, and alerts at the ready. The Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a 30 percent larger screen than previous models to display all the news you need with even more clarity. 

Head to Amazon to get the Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 40-millimeter watch while it’s still on sale for $349, and go for the free no-rush shipping to snag another $19.01 off, for a grand total of $329.99.