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Learn the production basics with these classes in the Mashable Shop.
Learn the production basics with these classes in the Mashable Shop.

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TL;DR: Learn how to produce your own music with these classes from the Mashable Shop.

If you’re under the assumption that being a successful musician requires all sorts of fancy equipment, access to a professional studio, and years (if not decades) of experience, get this: Billie Eilish‘s critically acclaimed debut album was recorded and produced in her 21-year-old brother’s bedroom.


Kickstart your music career for under $30 during this pre-Prime Day sale

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If you’ve got dreams of seeing your own name on the Billboard charts, then an online class or two could get you started. We’re not about to make any promises about you being a future pop sensation, but we *do* know for sure that a little training in production basics won’t hurt your chances. (And if you shop smart, it won’t hurt your bank account, either.)

Here are a handful of online classes designed to put your music career on the fast track, all of which are on sale in honor of Prime Day: 

From fundamental sound design to advanced audio mixing for podcasts, this crash course in the popular digital audio workstation (DAW) Logic Pro X will help you master its range of features and functions across 45 hours of learning. 

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That title says it all: This in-depth online class is taught by an accredited DJ and producer who will teach you mixing and sound engineering techniques while honing your style as a performer.

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Ableton Live is another excellent option as far as DAWs go. This 22-hour course led by Ableton Live-certified experts covers the ins and outs of its capabilities — everything from clipping to using the built-in Operator synthesizer.

Visit the Mashable Shop to enroll for just $29.99 — a 95% savings.

If you love working with music but aren’t yet sure how you want to work with it, snag this immersive bundle to start exploring nine different aspects of the industry: music theory, reading and writing music, playing piano, songwriting, music production with Ableton Live, audio production, vocal warmups, vocal distortion, and training in different vocal styles.

Sign up today for just $25 — a savings of 98%.

Now that you know what you’re doing, take your tunes to the next level with this synth and sound package from Applied Acoustics. It features hundreds (if not thousands) of presets for DAWs like Logic Pro, Ableton, and Garageband. But best of all, you’re able to pick the price you’ll pay for it.

The deal works like this: Head over to the Mashable Shop and name a dollar amount you’re willing to pay. You’ll get the entire bundle if you manage to beat the average price, but even if you don’t, you’ll still receive something awesome.