DPT-CP1 Sony
DPT-CP1 Sony

If you’re in the market for a tablet, Sony has another offering that may catch your eye. The Japanese electronics company recently released its new DPT-CP1 “Digital Paper” tablet, an E Ink tablet that is really meant for folks who still want to pretend that they’re writing on actual paper while taking advantage of the convenience afforded by a digital tablet.

About a year ago, Sony released the DPT-RP1, a rather large E Ink slab that is the same size as a sheet of A4 paper (so you can really feel like you’re writing on that antiquated tree offering). But seeing as people probably don’t want to carry around a giant tablet everywhere they go, Sony now offers a smaller version. The DPT-CP1 is effectively the exact same thing as its older (and larger) sibling but in A5 paper size.

Coming in at 10.3 inches, this new E-Ink tablet boasts a resolution of 1404 x 1872 at 224 dots per inch, and can handle 16 levels of greyscale. The E Ink tablet also comes with 16GB of storage for your PDF files (that you can then annotate on the tablet) and is capable of sharing files with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices by way of a companion app. At only 5.9 mm thick, the DPT-CP1 only weighs around half a pound, and much like regular paper, you won’t have to charge it — well, you won’t have to charge it much. Sony says that the device is well-equipped to last a full month on just one battery charge.

Given that the DPT-RP1 was only available in Japan and wasn’t exactly targeted toward a mass market audience, it’s likely that this smaller version will be similarly unavailable to those of us outside of the Asian island nation. But given the extremely high price tag, you may not be heartbroken by this unavailability. While it will be cheaper than the larger version at “under” 70,000 yen, that translates to about $650. Given that you can buy some budget laptops or transformer tablets for the same amount of money, it’s not exactly a can’t-miss deal. All the same, if you’re interested, you will likely have to make a trip to Japan in order to bring home the DPT-CP1.

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