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8bitdo’s new wireless controllers are perfect for your new SNES Classic

The SNES Classic Edition is out today, and is probably currently en route to those lucky enough to have scored a pre-order, and being picked up by bleary-eyed fans who set up early at game store locations around the world. Reviews have been almost universally positive for the small console, which is not surprising, so a lot of folks will probably also be in the market for accessories – like this new wireless SNES-inspired retro gamepad from 8bitdo.

The new version of the 8bitdo SN30 wireless controller ships with a 2.4GHz wireless receiver, and gives you quick access to the SNES Classic’s home screen using the combo key press of Down and Select simultaneously. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, too, and all the buttons you’d expect from the original SNES controller – available in both a Super NES colorway, and a Super Famicom look with its more colorful buttons.

This new controller is up for pre-order on Amazon starting today, with a retail price of $24.99 which is pretty good considering you’re probably not going to find wired options for much cheaper. It’s worth noting that these are 2.4GHz devices only, meaning they’re limited to working with the included receiver, rather than with Bluetooth devices like other controllers in 8bitdo’s lineup.

You’ll also have to wait a while to receive them – the ship date is December 10, but that’s still in time for holiday gifts, and in the meantime you can use the wired controllers (with too short cables) that Nintendo includes with the SNES Classic in the box.

8Bitdo’s SN30 Pro and SF30 Pro controllers available for pre-order

8Bitdo’s retro Bluetooth game controllers are among the greatest gifts you can get a gamer, since they’re so versatile and so well-designed (especially for those who remember fondly the early console days). The company’s latest controller is now up for pre-order, and it’s an homage to the SNES gamepad that can do a lot more in terms of connecting with modern devices, and offering more buttons for modern games.

The controllers themselves aren’t out until December 10, which makes things a bit tight for gift-giving – but even a pre-order receipt for one of these would be a welcome addition to may stockings. They come in both an SNES (SN30) and Super Famicom (SF30) colorway, so players one and two can have distinct looks, and they also pack in rumble feedback and motion controls.

Both the SN30 Pro and the SF30 Pro use USB-C input for charging and wired USB connectivity, and they include a home and a screenshot button for easy shortcuts depending on what platform you’re using them with. The controllers are also compatible with the new 8Bitdo Smartphone Clip, a $7.99 accessory that works with just about any modern smartphone.

Based on my experience with all of 8Bitdo’s existing controllers, these should be terrific companions for consoles like the Nintendo Switch. They’re nearly as portable as Nintendo’s own Joy-Cons, but far more ergonomically friendly.

Out of the box, the SN30 Pro and SF30 Pro are compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, Steam and Nintendo Switch devices, but the nice thing about 8Bitdo is that it concisely pushes out firmware updates that add additional compatibility with other devices, too. These are again shipping in December, but it’s probably worth getting in line now if you want one, and they’re a relative bargain at only $49.99 each.

8bitdo’s new Nintendo Switch-compatible NES30 Arcade Stick now on sale

Retro controller maker extraordinaire 8bitdo is at it again with the NES30 Arcade Stick, which packs Bluetooth connectivity for wireless compatibility with Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, Mac and Steam. The design borrows from the classic NES design from Nintendo for its color scheme and graphics, but unlike the original NES Arcade Stick, 8bitdo’s version has a full complement of buttons for modern games, is customizable with Sanwa joysticks and has built-in turbo capabilities.

The battery in the NES30 Arcade Stick will get you up to 18 hours of continuous play time, and it includes eight big red 30mm size buttons for easy combo chaining. Nintendo’s been releasing a lot of classic SNK fighters on the Switch, as well as the Ultra Street Fighter II remaster, so it’s a good opportunity to put this large controller to use for anyone who has a strong predilection towards fighting games.

  1. NES30 Arcade Stick 1

  2. NES30 Arcade Stick 2

  3. NES30 Arcade Stick 3

  4. NES30 Arcade Stick 4

Speaking from experience, 8bitdo’s controllers consistently deliver in terms of reliability and ergonomics, so I’ll definitely be looking forward to taking this new one out for a spin. This company has carved out a unique niche with its ability to create flexible controllers with modern features that still play into nostalgia felt by longtime gamers, and it’s cool to see them try more unique designs.

The NES30 Arcade Stick is up for pre-order now via Amazon, and will ship by August 20, with a retail price of $79.99. 8bitdo is also releasing another product it first showed off at E3 this year for pre-order today, its TwinCube Stereo Speakers, which are $59.99, work with a range of devices and also start shipping on August 20.

8bitdo’s new SNES-inspired retro gamepad is a dream Nintendo Switch controller

Ever since 8bitdo updated their NES30 Pro and other game controllers with Nintendo Switch support, I’ve been using them as the primary way to play on the console. Now at E3, 8bitdo has revealed a new model that might just become the best Switch controller of all time.

The SNES30 Pro (and SFC30 Pro, as its Super Famicom coloured variant is called) has all the buttons you need for full controller mapping of Nintendo’s own Pro Switch controller, and it comes in a package that will be very familiar to 90s kids and anyone else who’s spent a decent amount of time with a Super Nintendo. The only real different is the addition of more shoulder buttons, as well as the presence of two analog joysticks that look like they belonged there all along.

The SNES30 Pro comes in two classic colorways, both of which are inspired by the real thing, and they offer Bluetooth compatibility with a range of devices including Android phones, Windows and Mac PCs, and of course the Switch. They also charge via USB-C, the first 8bitdo controllers to do this, which makes them even more ideally suited to use with Nintendo’s newest console. These also pack rumble motors built-in, another improvement on the original.

That’s not all 8bitdo revealed at this year’s big gaming show: They also showed off the NES30 Arcade Stick, which should be a popular option for fans of fighting games. This includes turbo mode support, and also has Bluetooth connectivity.

Finally, there are new speakers from the company, too. These look like little cubes, colour coordinated with the Switch’s neon red and blue controllers, and featuring D-Pad controls for volume and playback. They can connect via Bluetooth or AUX, too, and definitely look like pretty travel-friendly options for your mobile Switch setup.

These aren’t going to be immediately available – the SNES30 Pro is set to be available this coming holiday season, while the NES30 Arcade Stick and TwinCube speakers are arriving in the third quarter of this year. The SNES30 Pro especially can’t come soon enough, though, as far as I’m concerned.

8Bitdo’s retro Bluetooth controllers now work with Nintendo Switch

Need more controllers for your Nintendo Switch? If you already have some of 8Bitdo’s excellent Bluetooth, classic system-inspired game pads lying around, you’re all set thanks to a new firmware update. Even if you don’t yet have any of these, it’s worth picking some up since they’re very affordable, ergonomic and stylish.

The update to the controllers expands their versatility to include Nintendo Switch compatibility, but the controllers already work with Windows, Android, MacOS and Steam out of the box, too. With Switch, they don’t support rumble functions or motion controls, but they do pretty much replicated the native Switch Pro controller in terms of functionality, with exact button mapping possible on the NES30 Pro and FC30 Pro controllers from 8Bitdo’s lineup.

This is great timing because Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the most recent blockbuster first-party release from Nintendo for Switch, and you can play with up to four people on one console locally in multiplayer. You could of course buy up a bunch of official, first-party Switch controllers, but 8Bitdo’s option is great if you already have these or want a controller that works in more places beyond the Switch.

If you’re an existing 8Bitdo controller, go ahead and grab the firmware update for your device from their support site to get Switch compatibility enabled on your device.