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Separating tech fact from the fiction around Jamal Khashoggi’s Apple Watch

Jamal Khashoggi disappeared behind these doors at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul.
Jamal Khashoggi disappeared behind these doors at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul.

Image:  Isa Terli/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Amid the news of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance and likely death in Turkey sits a technological mystery involving an Apple Watch.

Thursday, the Washington Post reported that Turkish authorities had audio recordings that confirmed Khashoggi’s death inside the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul. The Saudi government maintains its innocence, but the audio reportedly indicates that a Saudi team tortured, killed, and dismembered Khashoggi inside the embassy.

But where did the recordings come from?

Saturday morning, a Turkish newspaper reported that the audio originated from Khashoggi’s Apple Watch, via a transmission to his iCloud or iPhone (there are conflicting reports about where Turkish officials accessed this audio file). 

Khashoggi has been photographed wearing the watch, and the red band around the dial indicates that it has LTE connectivity — meaning it wouldn’t need a WiFi connection to transmit data. Turkish officials were also reportedly previously looking for the Watch to learn about his health and whereabouts prior to Saturday’s report.

The internet and news outlets (notably CNN) have been weighing in on whether it’s possible for Khashoggi’s smartwatch to have captured the audio of what happened inside the Saudi embassy. And there are a few details that make it —conservatively — highly unlikely. 

More plausible, say experts speaking to Reuters: the audio came from a Turkish bug of the embassy. 

Here’s the case against the Apple Watch being the source of the transmission, summed up.

1) The story

The Apple Watch theory originated from a report in a newspaper called Sabah. But Sabah is a “pro-government” newspaper, according to CNN. And, for diplomatic relations, Turkey has a huge interest in providing another source for the audio, rather than openly admitting to espionage. So the story based on reports from the Turkish government may not be reliable.

2) Turkey’s network

The biggest problem with the Apple Watch theory is the fact that Khashoggi’s watch would not have been able to connect to a cellular network. Per TechCrunch, Apple does not support LTE connectivity in Turkey for Series 3 Apple Watches. So even if the watch was recording audio, it would have no way of transmitting it over cellular data.

3) Bluetooth Range

One way that audio might have been able to travel from Khashoggi’s watch to his iCloud would be by connecting with his cellphone over Bluetooth. However, multiple outlets report that Khashoggi’s fiancée had his iPhone at the time, while she was waiting outside the embassy. That makes this connection extremely unlikely. 

Anyone who has an Apple Watch knows the Bluetooth to iPhone range isn’t huge; Apple doesn’t say exactly how far the range is, but fan blog iMore puts it between 30 and 50 feet. The Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul is a walled compound with the main building apparently set some distance back from the entrance. 

4) WiFi

Even without LTE or Bluetooth, Apple Watches can connect to the internet over WiFi. But that requires connecting via your phone, first. And as previously mentioned, Khashoggi’s phone wasn’t with him.

5) Embassy security

Some embassies take device security precautions when people enter. At this embassy in particular, Khashoggi may have been asked to remove his Apple Watch while entering. Reporter Joyce Karam tweeted that she had to remove her Fitbit while attending an event at the consulate in question. So Khashoggi might not have even been wearing his watch once he got past the door.

6) Device security

According to CNN, Sabah reported that Saudi officials ultimately unlocked Khashoggi’s Watch using his fingerprint ID. However, Apple Watches aren’t equipped with Touch ID technology. 

All of that brings up the larger question of how the Turkish government even accessed any transmitted audio files. Even if Khashoggi’s Apple Watch managed to connect via Bluetooth or Wifi, the Turkish government would have needed Khashoggi’s passwords to access his iCloud or iPhone. 

Sabah reports that it accessed the audio file from Khashoggi’s phone. But there are no reports that Khashoggi’s fiancée knew or provided his passcode. And Apple has stood its ground when governments have asked the company to unlock devices in the past. 

It’s not yet clear where the purported audio behind Sabah‘s report came from, but it’s fairly obvious — just based on what we know of how the tech works — that Khashoggi’s Apple Watch couldn’t have been the source.

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Here’s how to use Walkie-Talkie in WatchOS 5

WatchOS 5 has been available for all users (Series 1 and newer) for a few weeks now. 

Speed improvements and some new watch faces are in tow, but there is another communication method in it. You’ve always been able to get that Dick Tracy effect by taking phone calls on your wrist, but there is now a Walkie-Talkie app as well.

It’s precisely what you think it is. You can now have push-to-talk conversations with other Apple Watch users. Those who remember the push-to-talk feature on Sprint Nextel might be fond of this. 

Here’s how to use Walkie-Talkie in WatchOS 5.

1. Install WatchOS 5

Walkie-Talkie is a pre-loaded app that comes with WatchOS 5. You’ll want to make sure you’re running the latest software from Apple. Open the iOS Apple Watch app > tap General > then Software Update to check.

2. Open the Walkie-Talkie app

Image: jake krol/mashable

Tap the Digital Crown to open the beehive-styled app viewer on the Apple Watch. Look for the yellow Walkie-Talk icon.

3. Find your friends


Opening the app for the first time will give you a brief intro and show you a long list of contacts. You can manually scroll through to find someone in your address book or look at the suggestions at the top. A massive con is that you need to navigate through a long list depending on how many contacts you have.


Choosing a name will send an invite to that person in Walkie-Talkie. They can either accept or deny the request. You will get a notification when they’re available to talk. The contacts that you’ve connected with will live in the main screen of this app, giving you easy access to chat.

4. Tap to chat

Once you’ve added contacts, you can tap to chat. The contacts will appear in yellow boxes when they’re available, or gray when offline. If he or she is online tap the box, and then hold the yellow circle (with “talk” in the middle) to chat.

It is “push to talk” meaning that you need to hold it in for as long as your message is. The contact will then receive it within a few seconds.

You can also remove a friend at any time from this main page. Just swipe left to the left on their name and hit the “X.”

Remember, you’re always on.


A problem with any Walkie-Talkie app by nature is that you can’t choose to accept an incoming message on a case by case basis. Being marked as available means that any chat will arrive at any moment. So if you’re in school or at the office, it might be a wise move to flick the availability to off. 

Lastly, to receive Walkie-Talkie messages, you need a connection, whether it’s WiFi or LTE.

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Here’s how to enable Fall Detection on the Apple Watch Series 4

Image: raymond wong/mashable

Listen, the Apple Watch Series 4 might have a larger display and a better processor, but the real news is fall detection.

Yep, there’s a feature that notes when you’ve stumbled and checks in on your well-being. Important note: it’s not on by default for those under 65. So in the event that your attempts to trigger it end up causing an injury, it won’t help.

With the feature turned on, the Apple Watch can detect a fall and ask if you’re all right. It can even call emergency medical services and notify an emergency contract.

Here’s how to turn on Fall Detection.

1. Open the Apple Watch App

Image: jake krol/mashable

Make sure the device has an Apple Watch Series 4 paired to it.

2. Select “Emergency SOS”


Scroll down a bit and tap “Emergency SOS.”

3. Turn on Fall Detection


This page should have several options, including Fall Detection. Switch that on, and the feature will be enabled. It’s quick to note that the Apple Watch will not detect all falls.

From there the Apple Watch will attempt to detect falls, trips, and slips. Like the other Emergency SOS features, this pulls the emergency contact from the Health app.

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10 accessories for your new Apple gadgets, all on sale this weekend

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Image: Monitormate

This year has been a massive one for Apple. They released a deluge of swanky new gadgets that got us all surrendering our paychecks for another top-notch device. They introduced the most talked about iPhone XS, Apple Watch Series 4, the Homepod, a low-cost iPad, and new MacBook Pros. There are even rumors that it doesn’t stop there. They might still debut new iPads and Macs later this month.

If you’re a proud owner of any of these new goodies, then you might want to complement them with accessories that will upgrade your experience, but probably can’t pay a whole lot after purchasing one of the aforementioned devices.

The accessories here work with Apple products and they’re all on sale: 

For iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

M2 Square USB-C & Quick Charge 3.0 Charger — 26% off

For a phone that costs almost a month’s mortgage/rent, you’d think that it would come with premium charging paraphernalia. But no, iPhones come with a puny 5W charger that juices up your device at a snail’s pace. You can easily remedy that with the M2 Square USB-C & Quick Charge 3.0 Charger. Engineered with a powerful 60-watt USB-C port and a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port, it delivers next-level speeds, charging your gadgets four times faster than standard charging ports. Compatible with your iPhone, MacBook Pro, and other USB-C devices, this speedy power hub can give you up to 80% in just 35 minutes.

10-Ft Lightning Cable: 3-Pack – 50% off

Apple’s standard issue Lightning cables are notorious for conking out after only a few months. When yours reaches its inevitable demise, make sure you have a backup on-hand for a quick replacement. This set features three cables, each one measuring 10 feet to give you flexibility a.k.a. freedom to move away from the power outlet while you’re trawling through your Instagram story feed.

Ztylus Stabilizer Rig Kit for Smartphones — 26% off

Thanks to the copious amounts of coffee you consume every day, your hands likely get shaky when it’s time to snap a selfie. Save yourself from blurry photos for good with this Stabilizer Rig Kit. Built to work with any smartphone, it offers a secure grip and extended ergonomic stability for snapping picture-perfect shots. It also has a mount on top for attaching accessories like a microphone and lighting, and a 1/4-inch to 20-inch tripod mount at the bottom for putting on top of larger tripods.

Clear TPU Protective iPhone XS Max Case — 66% off

We love the new iPhone XS colors as much as the next person, but we do not recommend using it without a case. Just one slip of the hand can result in a several hundred dollar trip to the Apple Store. If you must flaunt, flaunt safely. This protective case maintains the trendy case-less look all while keeping your device safe from accidental drops. And unlike most cases, this one isn’t a pain to install. It glides on quickly and is easily removable.

Podium-Style Charging Stand — 77% off

Horrified by the number of times a day Screen Time indicates you pick up your iPhone? You can use this charging stand to prop up your device so you won’t be tempted to pick it up a bazillion times as you work. It holds up your phone or tablet at an optimal viewing angle and charges it all at the same time. You can also juice up to two devices simultaneously with the two built-in USB ports.

iPM 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Pad — 62% off

Many were left disappointed when Apple gave no signs of the official release of hotly-anticipated AirPower. But who says you have to wait for that to enjoy the luxury of charging your devices wirelessly? This iPM 3-in-1 pad is a fast-charging powerhouse capable of juicing up two smartphones and an Apple Watch. It tidies up your workspace by not requiring any pesky wires and adds more functionality to your desk or nightstand. 

For MacBook Pro

iMemPro USB-C Hub for Apple MacBook Pro — 40% off

Just like it got rid of the headphone jack on iPhones, Apple also bid goodbye to the trusty USB port on the new MacBook Pros. If you’re suffering from port withdrawal, this USB-C hub will return the ports back to your loving arms. It features all the ports you need to transport data to and from all kinds of devices at lightning speeds — ThunderBolt 3 port, a USB-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, and an SD/MicroSD card reader. You can even output high-resolution to your 4K monitor screens using the built-in 4K HDMI port.

ProBASE HD USB-C Laptop & Monitor Stand — 17% off

They say that a clean desk makes you are more productive. If your current workspace looks like it got run over by a tornado, declutter it with the ProBASE HD USB-C Laptop & Monitor Stand. It raises your MacBook Pro to a comfortable level and has built-in USB 3.0 ports, a 4K HDMI port, and a USB-C data port. This powerhouse even has a side drawer you can use to store flash drives, stationery, and other work essentials.

For the Magic Mouse

MagicGrips for Apple Magic Mouse — 26% off 

The Apple Magic Mouse is touted as one of the best on the market due to its sleek design, multitouch surface, and seamless tracking. But make sure to save yourself from acquiring carpal tunnel with these mouse cushions. MagicGrips provide adhesive rubbers you stick to the sides of the mouse to make for a larger, concave surface on which to rest your fingers. Especially great for bigger hand sizes (although it works for all hands), it also offers a broader grip for enhanced comfort.

For EarPods and Airpods

Earhoox 2.0 for Apple EarPods & AirPods: 2-Pack — 24% off 

The alleged teaser of the AirPods 2 last September revealed that they will most likely have the same design as their predecessor, meaning they will still fall out of your ears when you move around too much. If you own the OG AirPods, EarPods, or are planning to purchase the new version, make sure to use these silicone attachments to create a more snug fit in your ears. Whether you’re hammering it out on the elliptical or headbanging to Nirvana, the Earhoox will make sure that your earphones stay put.

Snag a charging stand for your new Apple Watch — these 3 are on sale

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Image: iPM

If you’re one of the proud owners of the brand-new Apple Watch Series 4, you’re going to be in the market for some cool, useful accessories for your cool, useful accessory. A stand to keep your watch charged and safe from random falls off the dresser is a good investment, and we’ve got a handful of options that are all currently on sale.

This charging dock by Elevation Lab refills your Apple Watch while you sleep, essentially turning it into an elegant, futuristic bedside clock. The Nightstand suction cups to any surface, so you don’t have to worry about knocking it over in the night, and it allows for easy, one-handed docking and undocking. 

The Nomad Stand gives your Apple Watch a place to live and charge while you’re not wearing it (just don’t go wasting your steps). Its unique design minimizes the amount of space it takes up, while simultaneously keeping the Apple Watch’s charging cable out of sight with a hidden channel. It also boasts a weighted base with rubber padding, so it won’t tip over or scratch any surfaces. Plus it looks like a piece of modern art from space so you can juice up your Apple Watch in style. 

If you went all-out after Apple’s latest event and got the new iPhone along with your Apple Watch, you should check out the iPM 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad. It’s small enough to fit easily on your desk or nightstand, and thanks to its wireless functionality, you won’t have to fumble through a tangle of wires to get your devices charged. It can support an iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time, charging them both up to 20% faster than standard chargers.