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4 of the best high-speed chargers from LinearFlux, all on sale

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Image: linearflux

When Han Solo wanted to outrun a flock of TIE Fighters, he kicked on the Falcon’s hyperdrive. When Elon Musk wanted to commute from San Francisco to LA in 30 minutes, he came up with the Hyperloop. And when you want to charge your mobile devices in a hurry, you use HyperCharging. 

Oh, you’re still using your regular old iPhone charger? Well, it’s about time you made the upgrade to this next-gen, high-speed charging tech from LinearFlux. Its Graphene series offers a HyperCharging solution for every device—and they’re all specially priced for a limited time.

Image: linearflux

If a full phone charge never seems to last you until the end of the day, the Graphene 5K HyperCharger is a great way to grab a quick top-off. Its carbon construction makes it extremely lightweight yet super strong, and its ultra-thin form factor makes it easy to slip in a pocket or a briefcase. It features LinearFlux’s 3-amp HyperCharging Gen 3 technology, which can replenish your device far faster than the standard wall plug. Its 5,000mAh capacity is more than enough to recharge an iPhone 7 twice over, or fully recharge two iPhone 7s simultaneously with the battery’s dual USB ports. Not an iPhone person? No problem. The included Triton 3-in-1 cable can accommodate UCB-C and microUSB connections too. 

Buy now: $22.99 after a 67% reduction.

Image: linearflux

If your daily power consumption calls for a more robust battery, pack the Graphene 8K HyperCharger. Its 8,000mAh capacity can completely charge a phone battery several times over, and the built-in Lightning and microUSB connectors are perfect for pulling double duty on your headphones, portable speakers, and other portably-powered devices. Its HyperCharging tech has also been upgraded to 5 amps for superior charging speeds. And if you like to keep your accessories neat and tidy, you’ll love the included NanoStik PRO Pad; it helps the battery cling to the back of your phone without the use of messy adhesives.

Buy now: $39.99, formerly $79.99.

3. Graphene 11K HyperCharger: For laptops, gaming systems, and going off the grid

Image: LinearFlux

If you want one battery pack to bring on your next trip — one you’ll only have to charge once — choose the Graphene 11K HyperCharger. It can store a whopping 10,500mah of reserve power, and can bring your devices back to 100% in record time with 3-amp HyperCharging. Use the built-in Lightning cable to connect your Apple devices, or the included Triton 3-in-1 cable to replenish your laptop, your Nintendo Switch, or any other USB-C or microUSB device. And like its 8K cousin, this option also includes a NanoStik PRO Pad for bundling phone and charger into one neat and portable package. 

Buy now: $39.99, was $69.99.

4. Triton 3-in-1 cable: For when a Lightning cable just won’t cut it

Image: linearflux

The Triton 3-in-1 Cable is the kind of accessory you’ll want to buy in multiples. Not because it’s not durable (its high-strength braided jacket is actually tough as nails), but because once you experience 50% faster charging speeds from a cable that can support almost all your portable devices, you’ll want your friends and family to experience it too. 

Buy now: $9.99 after a 66% discount.

Save $23 on this multi-port charging hub that can handle your MacBook, smartphone, and tablet all at once

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.
A device for all your charging needs.
A device for all your charging needs.

Image: zerolemon

We now live in an era where there are more gadgets in the world than there are people, which means more charging than you can handle. You know how much of a pain it is to have to fight to the death with your sibling, partner, roommate, or colleague over who gets to hog the outlet and charge their phone or tablet next.

Keep the peace in your household or office by getting yourself the ZeroLemon 75W Desktop Charger with Quick Charge 3.0. It’s a charging hub with multiple smart ports designed to power up your gadgets all at once. 

Currently on sale for $36.99, this versatile charging station includes a USB Type-C port, two standard USB-A ports, and a fast-charging PD/QC3.0 compatible port. That means you can juice up three of your smartphones or tablets, and even your MacBook, all at the same time. 

It has a built-in intelligent chip that allows simultaneous multi-device charging at fast speeds and a LED indicator that automatically adjusts the brightness to ambient light, depending on the time of day.

Compact, lightweight, and equipped with an AC 100-240V input, this charging hub is light enough to bring on-the-go. No big, scary powerstrip beast here.

Normally, the ZeroLemon 75W Desktop Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 retails for $69.99, but for a limited time, you can bring one home for only $36.99. That’s $23 less than what it goes for on Amazon.

Keep the power in your pocket with this Anker charging bank that’s only $42 today

Anker charging banks are on sale at Amazon.
Anker charging banks are on sale at Amazon.

Image: Anker / Mashable Photo COmposite

The only thing worse than your phone running out of power while traveling is the often fruitless search for a place to plug in. Your phone deserves better, and you can get it with an Anker power bank on sale today for 58% off.

Anker devices are often on sale at Amazon, with most of them boasting an Amazon’s Choice seal of approval. Consider the Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 to be part of that club. It’s small and compact enough to fit in your bag without any hassle, but it supposedly packs quite the punch.

Its PowerIQ technology allows it to deliver a fast charge to USB devices. It can deliver power to devices like the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 multiple times over, and according to the product page, only needs a 6-hour recharge. Your phone and tablets will probably thank you for hooking them up with more power — if they could talk, that is.

Amazon typically lists the price at $100, but you can get it today for only $42.

Free advice: Turn your phone’s damn battery percentage off

Attention is a kind of love. 

Except when it’s directed toward your iPhone and its unending series of notifications, at which point, if you’re anything like me, is nothing more than a specific kind of anxiety unto itself: “Why am I staring at this thing so much, and why’s it making me feel awful?”

To really fix this, you’d need a psychiatrist. But! One modest, simple change could help put a stop to this: 

Stop your phone from displaying the percentage of battery life it has left.

That’s it.

That little number, affixed to the top-right of your screen if you’ve enabled it*, is a countdown clock of disaster and doom, kept minutes away from midnight only by the repeated jamming of a power cord into your device’s greedy little maw. Seeing this percentage may invite obsessive charging; I find that stress starts creeping in around 64 percent. 

Turn it off!

Turn it off!

And sure, it seems like there’s a logic to turning the percentage on. Knowing exactly how much battery life you have left helps you figure out when you’ll need to haul ass to an electrical outlet. Say you’re leaving the office with 30 percent left: You’ll definitely have enough juice to browse the internet on your commute and make an emergency call if, for example, a wayward Humvee runs over your ankle and you need to go to the emergency room. You’ll probably have enough to play a game in the ambulance! 

Leaving with 2 percent, though? R.I.P., friend. If that Humvee runs you over, you’ll bleed out and die, alone — from an ankle wound — on the side of the road. 

But indeed, the logic is only seeming. The battery icon, without a specific percentage number, gives you all the information you need, but not enough to drive you Shining levels of crazy. Here’s how it works:

– When you’ve got half your battery life left, the indicator will appear half-full; you’ll make it home without a charge. 

– If it’s red and nearly empty, perhaps plug your iPhone in for a few minutes before leaving.

Again: That’s it.

What does a number offer you that this icon cannot? Nothing! Unless you’re trying to diagnose exactly how much battery life having Snapchat open on your screen for five straight minutes will consume (the answer is one entire percent), there’s no meaningful gain to the numerical value over the icon. 

We’re trained, by our phones and the software they run, to obsess over numbers. How many likes did your post get? How many unread emails do you have? How many iMessage notifications did you miss while you were asleep?

“Convenience” excuses all these numbers, which are often designed to command your attention to the benefit of companies like Facebook and Apple. Social media apps profit when a number convinces you to spend more time in in your feeds, on their platforms. And tech manufacturers stand to benefit if you’re so obsessed with your battery life that you buy new charging peripherals or, eventually, a new device.

And that’s fine, kind of, as long as we’ve at least got some options. And indeed we do! Untether your mind from your phone. Disable the battery percentage indicator. Liberate yourself. 

[I also try to cut out “badge notifications,” those encircled numbers you see on apps when they have something new to show you, but you do you.]

The overall idea here is nothing more than to be smarter (or: mindful, if you’re like that) about how you approach the things in your life that generate endless, nagging data. Maybe you’re not an anxiety-stuffed, phone-obsessed, fidget-spinning meatbag like I am; that’s great! But if you suspect you might be, well, take a baby-step, and turn off one number at a time. You’ll thank yourself.

* Yes, okay, I invited this. By default, your iPhone will simply show you a little battery icon that depletes over time. This is much better! It seems Apple knows a thing or two about designing an operating system that doesn’t make you want to dropkick your own brain (sometimes). 

A charging cable for your iPhone that works just like Apple’s MagSafe power adapter

A tough charge for your phone.
A tough charge for your phone.

Image: Armor-x

Apple may have killed the MagSafe in its latest array of MacBooks, but that doesn’t mean that magnetic charging cables have become obsolete. 

The idea behind magnetic ports is simple, but genius: rather than firmly sticking a cable into a device — leading to the possibility of someone tripping over the cord and yanking the expensive equipment to the ground — the MagSafe allowed the charging cable to clamp on to the device firmly enough to hold on, but light enough to detach easily when tugged.

While you can no longer experience MagSafe’s brilliance on your computer, you can still enjoy its convenience on your smartphone. The ARMOR-X Magnetic Charging Cable works just like the MagSafe in the sense that it makes use of a magnetic clip that can be plugged and be left alone in your device’s charging socket. When it’s time to juice up, you only have to move the cable close to the clip and watch them snap together instantly.

The wire it comes with isn’t too shabby either. Built with a sturdy, fray-resistant nylon, this cable puts the standard Apple charger’s durability to shame. It also boasts a 2.4A fast charging capability.

You can score the ARMOR-X Magnetic Charging Cable on sale for just $19.99 right now — that’s a 50% discount.