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This is how Google Calendar will look from now on — whether you like it or not

On Wednesday, Google announced that the new Google Calendar look will now become the permanent interface — whether you like it or not

Don’t worry — the design is essentially the same as the calendar you’ve seen for the last few years.

Most everyone will be auto-updated on either Jan. 8 (for those that have the Rapid Release update option) or Jan. 15 (for those on the default rollout update option). Some folks may wish to opt-out until Feb. 28 — but after that, Google will auto-update those holdouts that are afraid of change hesitant to part with the older calendar (Google’s upgrading options can be found here

The move, which was expected after the search giant announced the new calendar in October 2017, isn’t just a change in aesthetics — it also comes with some new features. Besides the “modern color palette and sleek design,” users can now:

  • See conference room details when booking a room: This includes location, size, A/V equipment

  • Add rich formatting and hyperlinks to your Calendar invites: Link to Google spreadsheets, documents or presentations

  • Manage multiple calendars side by side in “Day” view: View and manage calendars in separate columns. Click “Day” view and select the calendars you want to compare.

The new Google Calendar interface.

The new Google Calendar interface.

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Vyte makes it easy to invyte people to your calyndyr

Planning a meeting with me used to take hours. First you must bathe yourself in the ritual Spring of Understanding and then, once completely clean, you must enter the room of Writing Down The Appointment. Once that was complete, I required all those requesting a meeting to complete the three trials including the Making of the Hoagie and the Understanding (And Explaining) Of Django Programming. Ultimately few passed my tests.

Now, however, I just use Vyte. Vyte lets folks visit your private page – like mine – and select a date to meet. You can approve it, set a location, and even decline it. It’s much like competing services like Calendly but I particularly like the ease of use and design.

Founded by French techies Martin Saint-Macary and Philippe Hong the company is self-funded and just starting out. They have 200 paid companies and 6,000 monthly active users.

“I met Philippe at a startup competition a few years ago,” said Saint-Macary. “After enjoying working together on some side projects, we co-founded Vyte together. We started tackling the group scheduling issue, and later realised that oddly enough, scheduling 1-on-1s was a much bigger pain at work, so we refocused on that.”

The system syncs with your Google Calendar and the mobile app acts as its own calendar app, allowing you to replace your default one.

Sadly Vyte does not allow me to force those who wish an audience with me to complete the arduous task of Putting The Fitted Sheet Down The Right Way The First Time it does make it easier for me to pass the buck and say “Hey, click on this and pick a time and I’ll tell you ‘No.’” Thus, as they say, the great world spins.

Google Calendar for iPad is here. Finally.

Planning that lunch meeting just got a bit easier on your iPad if you’re a die-hard Google user.

Yes, you can finally say goodbye to Apple’s calendar and download Google Calendar optimized for the iPad

It features everything available on the desktop and smartphone versions of the app. And it can bring up your Google Calendar listings from your iPad home screen. It also supports Split View. 

The online reaction was pure productive delight.

The next update will let calendar previews come up on the iPad’s notification center and lock screen. But until then, rejoice for this milestone.

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