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Paper airplanes are a classic form of office entertainment whether you’re seeing how far you can throw them, trying to dunk in a wastepaper basket, or hitting your annoying coworker in the back of the head. 

Back in 2013, Mashable wrote about POWERUP 3.0, an app-controlled device that you can attach to your paper airplanes to give it more speed and steering control. The aeronautic geniuses behind that project are back with an updated version that has a bunch of new features — most importantly the ability to do sweet tricks — that has already completely surpassed it’s goal.

Image: powerup

The POWERUP team has returned to Kickstarter with their new model, which builds on the success of the previous ones. You still attach this little device to a paper airplane, which is then controlled on your phone via Bluetooth. In addition to the cool new moves, this updated version includes a crossbar for stability and attachable wheels and rear skid for smooth takeoff and landing. It also comes with printed templates for professional-quality paper airplanes, so you’ll get the most out of your DART.

The Kickstarter is wrapping up on October 18, with delivery for all backer purchases arriving before Christmas. If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, this is it.

Your phone is dirtier than a public toilet. Get yourself PhoneSoap.

Have you ever been more disturbed than when you take the case off of your phone and see dust, gunk, and who knows what else packed along the sides? Yeah, we’ve all been there and we’ve all been carrying around 18 times more bacteria than a toilet in a public restroom.    

You could try to wash your hands more or attempt to keep your phone in a pocket instead of holding it, but it’s still almost impossible to eliminate every-day germs from crawling on the thing you touch most: your smartphone.    

We’re just as grossed out as you are, but thankfully PhoneSoap exists to help tackle this issue. Though it sounds like you would be dunking your phone in a mini bubble bath, PhoneSoap is actually a seemingly oversized phone case with a disinfecting UV light on the inside. 

The UV light kills the germs that your phone’s warmth usually keeps alive, while the box simultaneously charges your phone. 

Who wouldn’t want to start every morning off with a totally sanitized, fully charged phone? Check out your new hypochondriac obsession here.   

Pretend you’re on ‘The Wire’ with this virtual burner phone

Image: Pixabay

Work, dating, communicating with sketchy people on Craigslist: even if you’re not a shady character, you probably have some activity that you’d like to keep private.

But there’s no reason to use the same phone number for everything and risk losing your anonymity. You need a second phone number that you can easily access from your existing smartphone. That’s where the Hushed Private Phone Line comes in.

For a small, one-time fee, Hushed gives you a second phone number that you can access over Wi-Fi or data from their simple, secure app. It gives you up to 3,000 texts or 500 minutes a year and lets you choose from hundreds of area codes across the United States and Canada. It also has all the features you’d expect from a normal cell phone like call forwarding and customizable voicemail.

A lifetime subscription to the Hushed Private Phone Line normally costs $145, but you can get it for just $25, a savings of 82 percent.

This famed Kickstarter product solves one of life’s most random problems

Image: keysmart

Running, and even walking, with too many keys in your pocket is the worst. They can poke you, distract you, and even make your pants fall down. The struggle is real.

But you can stop all of this from happening by ditching your bulky key rings and replacing them with a top-notch key organizer like the Extended KeySmart. The KeySmart puts all of your keys in one compact device so you can quickly and easily access them.

[embedded content]

It stores up to 14 keys – even long and foreign ones – and also comes with a polished loop piece for attaching your car fob. 

And since it’s made from stainless steel and aircraft aluminum, it’s extremely durable and lightweight. Bottom line: if you’ve been searching for a key organization system that won’t interfere with your exercise or general life activities, this is the one for you. 

This adorable camera is a ridiculously fun way to document your life

Image: vupoint

Let’s face it: you can never have too many photos of attractive things. From your avocado toast to your Portuguese water dog to your endless parade of fancy parties and backyard BBQs, life is full of Instagram-able moments. But it’s hard to capture them all on camera without looking like a Kardashian.

Sure, you can snap a quick selfie or whip out a selfie stick like a clueless tourist, but that still leaves you with a limited perspective that probably won’t make you a Snapchat celebrity. You need a camera that you can stick anywhere and use to easily capture great pictures—like the Poki HD WiFi Action Cam. 

The Poki Cam (no relation to Pokémon) has a sticky mount that easily attaches to any surface. With its 120-degree wide-angle lens and high-quality image sensor, you can capture some truly stunning 1080p videos and 8-megapixel photos. 

It comes with an easy-to-use remote control for snapping photos. You can also snap and preview photos from the Poki smartphone app if being away from your smartphone gives you separation anxiety. And since the Poki Cam uses WiFi instead of Bluetooth, you can snap a photo from a much greater distance than you could with a traditional Bluetooth camera. 

The Poki HD WiFi Action Cam normally costs $119.99, but you can get it for just $49.99, a savings of 58 percent.