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FedEx to sue U.S. government over export rules for Huawei

Huawei, a Chinese tech company, has recently faced hurdles in the U.S. following a ban from President Trump. Those issues have know been faced by FedEx, who claims it must act as a “law enforcement agency” in order to abide by the instituted ban.

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‘Cyborg botany’ is a process that turns plants into electronic devices

Is it possible to replace some of your artificial devices with cyborg plants to reduce e-waste? Harpreet Sareen, an Assistant Professor at the Parsons School of Design and a research affiliate at MIT Media Lab, certainly thinks so. He coined the term “Cyborg Botany” to define the process of harnessing the natural capabilities of plants to turn them into electronic devices.

In his latest projects, Phytoactuators and Planta Digitalis, Sareen hacked into the electrical signals of a Venus Flytrap and a Mimosa Pudica to prove that plants can, in fact, act as displays or even motion sensors.

This drone relies on AI to dodge objects thrown at it

Researchers at the University of Maryland and the University of Zurich equipped a drone with event cameras and a sonar system to make it capable of detecting and dodging objects thrown at it. This technology could help drones and birds safely co-exist in the sky and it could also prove useful for law enforcement and military drones, which are susceptible to attacks.

In their paper, titled “EVDodge: Embodied AI for High-Speed Dodging on a quadrotor using event cameras,” it is stated that the system has an overall success rate of 70 percent.

New Instagram feature brings ‘Suggestions For You’ in DMs

The feature, which sends users similar accounts to the ones they currently engage with, is a part of Facebook’s effort to expand its direct messaging platforms. Feature, along with Facebook’s future plans, could lead to more engagement and ad dollars.

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Google founder absent from shareholder meeting despite protests

Larry Page, who’s also the CEO of Google parent company Alphabet, has not attended the annual meeting since 2017. During the meeting, shareholders attempted to pass proposals involving the company’s approach to diversity and sexual harassment, Google’s policy with China, and potentially breaking up the company.

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