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Send texts while on airplane mode using the pocket-sized goTenna Mesh that’s on sale

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Keep your network secure.
Keep your network secure.

Image: gotenna

When you think about it, it’s kind of weird that we refer to the most common form of internet connection as “wireless,” because, well, it’s not. Your traditional wireless router needs to be wired into your modem, which is wired into your wall, which is wired back to your ISP. There are a ton of wires involved! But the dream of a truly untethered future exists in the form of wireless mesh networks.

This technology transmits information via a group of devices, or “nodes,” that relay a signal from one, to the other, to the other, following the most efficient route available until, finally, it reaches your phone or laptop (all of which happens in milliseconds). In most cases, only one single node needs to be wired into the internet to get the whole network online — and a network can cover an entire city if enough nodes are used. 

Mesh networks have existed in one form or another since the 1980s, and they’ve been popping up in cities like New York, Portland, and Detroit since the early aughts, but only recently has the tech become widely available to consumers. While much of today’s mesh gear only appeals to a niche market of networking nerds, a Brooklyn-based startup called goTenna is trying to change that. Their goTenna Mesh device has the simplicity, user-friendly features, and elegant design that could very well bring mesh to the masses. (We previously covered the launch here.)

Check out the video below:

[embedded content]

While municipal mesh networks provide entire neighborhoods with high-speed internet, the goTenna Mesh has a humbler purpose — to connect you and your friends while you’re out and about. 

Picture this: You and the crew are hitting a fancy resort south of the border. You’re all spread out across different rooms, but you want to stay in contact. Unfortunately, you don’t have cell service, and Wi-Fi is too spotty to be useful. You turn on your goTenna Mesh and fire up the accompanying app, and all of a sudden you can see your device’s twin (yeah, they come in two-packs, like a walkie-talkie) on a highly detailed map of the area. You can also see every other goTenna that happens to be in the area. Then, without turning off Airplane Mode, like Neo stopping bullets in the Matrix, you defy all the laws of space and time by sending a text to your bud with the other goTenna. And they write back. And there is much rejoicing.

By producing a short-range radio signal, goTenna Mesh creates an off-the-grid wireless network that you can use to communicate with other goTenna users. Plus, additional nearby devices act as nodes, boosting your range so you can communicate with friends from further away. As more people get hip to goTenna, its capabilities expand. It can help developing communities that aren’t internet connected or provide a means of life-saving communication for people in war-torn cities. But it also works great for simply chatting with friends during trips, hikes, and events.

Start building your network today by grabbing your pair of goTenna Mesh Secure Portable Networks for just $155. That’s 13% off the regular $179 price point.

CyberGhost is a VPN that stands out, and not just because it’s on sale

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Check out this choice VPN
Check out this choice VPN

Image: CyberGhost

One bright spot in this year’s black hole of bad news concerning internet privacy and data security: VPNs are thriving. It seems like you can throw a rock while blindfolded and hit a crypto-technology company, many of which are just variations on the same theme.

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If you’re having a tough time figuring out which VPN to commit to for the rest of your web surfing days — or at least for the duration of a 90-day trial — one worth checking out is CyberGhost VPN, which is currently on sale. It does all the usual VPN duties efficiently and reliably while also introducing some truly unique and impressive features that never feel like filler. 

Superior servers

VPNs live and die by their servers; their quantity and location will dictate your connection’s reliability, browsing speeds, access to international streaming content, and other key factors. Luckily, CyberGhost is no slouch in that department. It hosts 1,300 servers in 90 locations spread across 58 different countries — from Albania to New Zealand to Vietnam — totaling over 40 gigabits per second in bandwidth. 

This variety is particularly helpful to world travelers, as there will almost always be a server nearby, no matter what country you’re currently exploring. Note that these numbers may fluctuate from time to time, but in the long-term, CyberGhost’s server offering will most likely continue to expand. 

Better. Faster. Stronger.

Unlike some other VPNs, CyberGhost places zero restrictions on your browsing habits. No throttling. No data caps. You can enjoy unlimited traffic and bandwidth for the duration of your membership. 

And while some slowdown is to be expected when using any VPN, CyberGhost manages to stay surprisingly speedy. PC Mag’s testing found that download speeds were reduced a mere 5.3 %, and upload speeds were diminished by only 6.5%, earning CyberGhost a favorable rating from the magazine in overall performance compared to its many competitors. 

If speed is your primary concern when VPN shopping or you just want to be able to finish a torrent download in a hurry, CyberGhost does have a Fastest Servers option. It saves you from sifting through hundreds of locations and instead connects you to the swiftest one automatically.  

Keep it secret and safe

Where security is concerned, CyberGhost runs a tight ship, employing 256-AES bit encryption to protect your payment info from cyber-crooks and hide your browsing data from nosy ISPs. In fact, even CyberGhost itself will be in the dark about your data, as the company swears by its “no logging” policy. 

Upon launching the application, protection is immediate and comprehensive: CyberGhost launches a secure browsing session in addition to the VPN connection. And one membership extends to seven devices simultaneously, so you can be sure that every laptop, tablet, and smartphone in your tech arsenal is safe and secure. You can even set it up on your router, and lock down your network’s security at the source. Should you ever experience any sudden outages, the automatic kill switch feature protects against even the slightest bit of exposure.

We all scream for streaming

CyberGhost knows where its bread is buttered. It’s well aware that many of its subscribers are only on board for that sweet, unrestricted streaming. So they’ve made it refreshingly easy to do so. 

The application’s main UI features easily understandable options, like Torrent Anonymously, which will automatically launch your preferred torrenting client, or Unblock Streaming, which dials in specific settings for various sports channels, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and more. Frequently censored websites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are all easily unlockable with CyberGhost, too, in case you’re on vacation in a country with particularly restrictive internet laws. 

Virtuous reality

It’s CyberGhost’s commitment to its users’ freedom that sets it apart from competing VPNs. Based in Bucharest, it aligns closely with Romania’s high legal regard for online privacy. It touts itself as “a major supporter and promoter of civil rights, a free society, and an uncensored internet culture.” In 2015, CyberGhost backed up that ambitious bio by publishing a transparency report, which detailed all the copyright complaints, attempted attacks, and law enforcement requests the company incurred that year. 

On sale

Normally this service is available on a monthly or yearly basis, with a lifetime’s worth of access potentially running up to $720. But thanks to a special promotion, you can get CyberGhost VPN on Mac, iOS, Windows, or Android for just $84.99 and secure your digital connections. As a special offer for Mashable readers, you can save an additional 15% off with coupon code CYBERGHOST.

This $27 battery case fixes the Amazon Echo Dot’s biggest flaw

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A smart battery case can make the Echo Dot portable — and it's on sale.
A smart battery case can make the Echo Dot portable — and it’s on sale.

Image: zerolemon

We’re willing to bet that many people who purchased the Echo Dot — Amazon’s adorable hockey puck of a personal assistant — did so under the assumption that they’d be able to take it anywhere. It’s so small, so why not move it around the house or put it in your pocket and bring it outside, right? 

Surprisingly, the Echo Dot doesn’t run on battery power, so it must be shackled to a wall socket in order to work.

But all is not lost, Dot devotees. 

The Amazon Echo Dot Smart Battery Case lets you cut the cord and convert the diminutive device into a mobile Bluetooth speaker so you can take Alexa on the go. Add this accessory to your smart home setup now and take 32% off the regular price. 

By nestling your Echo Dot in this battery case and connecting its ingenious little adapter into the device’s power port, you can go mobile with your Echo Dot for up to 15 hours. And as long as you can connect to a Wi-Fi network, you’ll be able to use the Alexa personal assistant. Carry Amazon’s digital assistant all around the kitchen as you cook and ask for help with timers or music. Even when you can’t connect to Wi-Fi, the case makes the Echo Dot into an awesome mobile speaker; simply connect a smartphone or other media player via Bluetooth and you’ve got a portable party just waiting to pop off. 

Though it’s designed to house the Echo Dot, the case doesn’t discriminate. It can also accommodate the similarly-sized Google Home Mini, and act as a power bank for nearly any other device thanks to its USB-C charging port. While connected, its LED indicators will let you know how much juice is left, and its intelligent battery management system will safeguard against overloads and charging fatigue. 

Upgrade your Echo Dot to the untethered mobile device it was meant to be. You can buy the Smart Battery Case today for $26.99, reduced from its regular price of $39.99.

This smart sous vide device is on sale and makes cooking virtually idiot-proof

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Make dinner the high tech way — with a sous vide device like this one that's on sale.
Make dinner the high tech way — with a sous vide device like this one that’s on sale.

Image: chefman

Successful cooking boils down to two factors: time and temperature. Mastering them can make the difference between an amateur cook and an expert chef. That’s exactly why sous vide is rising in popularity.

This kitchen gadget and method allows complete control over time and temperature, paving the way to Food Network-quality dishes. Say you want to cook a piece of chicken at precisely 140 degrees F, for 90 minutes. Using traditional methods would require very close supervision and a fair amount of guesswork, leaving a very wide margin of error. With a sous vide, you can seal your chicken in a bag, dial in the details, and sit back while you create the juiciest, most tender cut of poultry you’ve ever tasted. It’s basically a culinary cheat code. 

If you want to take the plunge into sous vide, a good option is the Chefman Sous Vide Precision Cooker with Wi-Fi, which is one of the most reliable and user-friendly sous vide cookers out there and is currently on sale for 30% off.

Rather than adding unnecessary bells and whistles to what should be a simple experience, the Chefman Sous Vide doubles down on the method’s benefits of convenience and control, ensuring that restaurant-worthy meals are always just a few clicks away.

Image: chefman

The Chefman Sous Vide is supposedly incredibly easy to operate. Its large, bright LCD display clearly shows the current temperature, target temperature, and set cooking time—all of which can be swiftly programmed with a smooth-moving swivel dial. No need to search high and low for compatible cookware either; an adjustable clamp provides a secure fit on nearly any medium or large-sized pot. And to ensure consistent cooking across the content of your pot, the 360-degree directional pump circulates the water and eliminates any cold/hot spots. 

But the pièce de résistance of this sous vide experience is its smartest feature: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi integration. By wirelessly connecting the Precision Cooker to your smartphone, you’ll be able to control time and temperature from afar. Want to make a change to your settings without getting up from the couch? Simply open the Chefman app to have all the device’s controls at your fingertips. It’ll even alert you when your water is preheated, and again when your dish is ready to eat. 

Take 30% off the usual $129.99 price tag to bring this gourmet game-changer down to just $89.99

Sending doodles to the cloud isn’t even the craziest thing this notebook can do

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You can also stick it in the microwave.
You can also stick it in the microwave.

Image: Rocketbook

Digitization has more or less sent filing cabinets, Rolodexes, microfiche, card catalogs, and other forms of analog record-keeping into the great office space in the sky. There’s a good reason for that: Important records should be easily accessible, and digitization makes searching, copying, and sharing them effortless. So why are you still taking notes with a regular pen and pad when the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook exists?

We’ve covered this cloud-connected creative tool before, but we’ve never seen it so generously discounted at 25% off the standard price. 

Here’s how Rocketbook Wave works: First, you scribble your notes and doodles as usual. Next, check off the little symbol indicating where you’d like to stash your writing—Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Slack, etc.

Then, using the Rocketbook smartphone app, scan the pages you want to send. Thanks to the dot grid pattern and QR code on each page, your writing will be transcribed into searchable, copyable, pastable text and saved in the cloud for all eternity (or until your free Dropbox account hits capacity, you cheapskate).

Here it is in action:

[embedded content]

If you use the included Pilot FriXion pen to fill up your Rocketbook, you can pop it in the microwave to erase all its contents and start your note-taking anew. Bet you didn’t see that coming. 

Get your 80-page, microwave-safe Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook for $19.99 — a never-before-seen dip from the usual $27.00 price.