Nokia X Series green back landscape

HMD Global may be preparing to bring back another Nokia phone name from the past. However, unlike the Sirocco and 8110 it resurrected at Mobile World Congress, this one is likely a little less beloved. Ads for a Nokia X have been spotted in China, complete with an announcement date of April 27.

hmd global nokia x news teaser chinaLong-time Nokia and phone fans will recall that in 2014, Nokia — then under Microsoft’s control — launched several Nokia X phones, all with Android rather than Windows Phone. However, the Nokia X version of Android didn’t feature Google Play, or any of the familiar Google services, and instead pushed Microsoft services including Skype and Outlook.

Since HMD Global took over ownership of the Nokia name, it has introduced true Android to the brand, and now may make the Nokia X which many of us wanted to see the last time around. Unusually, we have heard nothing about a Nokia X at the time of writing. The ad, apparently seen in a cinema somewhere in China, also gives nothing away. It has the tag line, “Share more joy,” attached, along with two QR Codes; but there’s no information on where these lead when scanned.

It’s also possible the X used for this Nokia phone will be the Roman numeral, and represent the number 10, just like Apple’s iPhone X. HMD Global’s naming strategy has relied on numbers, and we’ve seen models ranging from the Nokia 2 to the Nokia 8 released already, with rumors surrounding a Nokia 9. However, just like the iPhone X, confusion will likely mean a Nokia X will be referred to as both the Nokia “Eks” and the Nokia 10.

The teaser image for the Nokia X has also only been seen in China at this time. This may indicate the device isn’t destined for international release, at least straight away. While the Nokia name is known all around the world, HMD Global has repeatedly launched its smartphones in China first — the Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and Nokia 7, for example — and maintaining this pattern for the Nokia X wouldn’t be a surprise.

If the teaser is genuine and accurate, we’ll learn more about the Nokia X on April 27, and if rumors spread ahead of that time, we’ll keep you updated here.

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