A VC founder’s day in a minute

ADVERTISING CONTENT FROM Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.As the founder of venture-capital firm Full In Partners, Elodie Dupuy has deployed over $1.4B in capital, evaluated investments in 35 countries, and is a self-professed deal junkie.Check out our video above for a day in Dupuy’s life, and read on for tips on how to invest in your career growth with truly mobile technology, like an Always on, Always Connected PC powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Mobile Compute Platform. Read more…“A lot of VCs still use paper and pencil to measure their investment matches and there’s a lot of time being wasted. Full In Partners is data-driven. We use technology to shape how we identify, underwrite, and manage opportunities. Our data saves our entrepreneurs tons of precious time.”More about Tech, Supported, Brand X, Qualcomm Snapdragon, and Lenovo Yoga

Elodie is a mother of two young daughters and a pioneer in an industry that’s notoriously male-dominated. “Anything is possible if you just change the rules,” Dupuy said. Paving your own way requires tech that can keep up, like the Lenovo Yoga C630.

“Full In Partners is a traditional growth-equity firm, yes. But it’s also very untraditional in that it’s run by two moms.”

After working in the VC space for a decade and holding titles of Vice President and Principal at some of the country’s most elite institutions, Elodie decided to step away and launch her own fund. For her, the decision was an easy one. She wanted to start a family, and she wanted to manage her time so that she could integrate her family life with her work.

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