After Math: Everything is awesome

While the Trump administration spent this past week kneecapping the US Postal Service in an obvious effort to throw the upcoming November election in its favor, other events occurred as well. Well, I guess one solution would be to for you to simply call your elected representatives and tell them in no uncertain terms that this aggression will not stand, man. Call your representatives in Congress and tell them what you think about it….



Hey, remember last week when Trump decided that he’d just go ahead and demand that a foreign company sell its US-based operations to an American firm because a bunch of tweens pwned his campaign rally in Tulsa? That’s not even remotely as shady as what he’s trying with the USPS. Call your representatives in Congress and tell them what you think about it.



The automaker finally buried the hatchet in its multi-year lawsuit over falsified emissions testing results. Also, the president of the United States of America is nakedly attempting to destroy a vital public service that boasts a 91 percent approval rating among the American people. You should probably contact your Congressional representative.



This is cool, the Surface Laptop 3 is only $800 right now. Too bad that the second the USPS ceases to be, companies like FedEx will have free rein to redline any community they want and refuse to service those areas. You know, just like they did in Chicago in June. Call. Your. Congressional. Representatives. This is not a drill.



Look, I mean if you want to go cram yourself into an enclosed theater for two hours, rebreathing the exhalations of other people in the midst of a highly-infectious, global pandemic just to see the latest Vin Diesel vehicle, more power to you! But before you go, maybe call your elected representatives in Congress and tell them to oppose the administration’s attempts to dismantle the US Postal Service.

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