Amazon debuts new Ring products, including a mini home surviellance drone

Amazon’s new Ring products include a mini drone that flys through the home to look for and detection motion, as well as in-car alarms and cameras. …

During a hardware event today, Amazon today announced a slew of new Ring-branded devices for homes and cars. It launched Ring Car Cam, a new dashcam that the company says works with 99% of vehicles, and the Ring Home Cam, a miniature drone that flies throughout the home to surveil all that’s going on.

Ring Home Cam is by far the most intriguing addition to the lineup. The $249 quadcopter hovers along pre-set paths looking for noise, and it records when in motion, automatically landing in a dock when it runs out of battery power.

On the car side of things, there’s Ring Car Cam ($199), which plugs into a standard OBD-II port has traffic stop detection that alerts family members and starts recording when the driver’s pulled over. It also includes a siren and uses LTE to send notifications, with support for Amazon’s recently launched Sidewalk wireless network, and with accident recognition to detect when an accident might’ve occurred.

There’s also a new car alarm device called Ring Car Alarm ($59), which supports Ring Car Connect, an API for car manufacturers to build Ring into their existing security systems. Tesla will support Car Connect; customers can view footage from their Tesla model 3, X, S, and Y in the Ring App.

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