Best phone deals of May 2023

Buying a new phone? Here are the best deals on the internet, with discounts on the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models, and more.

For how essential smartphones are to our daily lives, when it’s finally time to buy a new one, it’s important to find a device that is both capable and reliable enough to last you for years down the road. 

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of new deals on the latest handsets, including that of Apple, Samsung, Google, and more that are worth your consideration. Skip the flowers this year — you can upgrade your loved one’s device and save some cash. If you missed out on the initial wave of promotions, look to these remaining offers to save hundreds on some of the best smartphones. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 pre-order deals

We will start with the best deals on Samsung’s new flagship devices from the Galaxy S23 range, as revealed at the Samsung Unpacked event, before moving on to Google, Apple, and other manufacturers.

You can call and send SMS text messages on traditional cell phones and smartphones. However, while the former is a portable, radio-based phone, the latter is more akin to a portable computer and provides the user access to the internet, mobile apps and software. In recent years, smartphones have evolved as smart home managers, personal health trackers, and devices able to access social media as well as financial services. 

ZDNET experts split out the latest and greatest deals for you below.

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