Early Samsung Galaxy S8 customers complain of red-tinted displays

Some Samsung Galaxy S8 owners in Korea who have received their devices early are reporting improperly calibrated, red-tinted displays out of the box, according to an article from The Korea Herald.
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While it’s hard to say how common this issue is, it’s something to watch out for if you’re planning on buying a Galaxy S8 this week.

The AMOLED edge-to-edge curved display on Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 has been widely praised as one of the phone’s crowning features — but unfortunately, it seems some models may not be living up to expectations. According to a Korea Herald report, some customers in the region who have received their devices early are complaining about a red tint to the panel that cannot be corrected by changing the color balance in the settings.

In a response to the article, Samsung reportedly told the publication the phenomenon is “not a quality problem,” and “can be adjusted with the phone itself.” However, if issues still remain, the company is encouraging those affected to visit a service center. The image shared in the report shows both a standard Galaxy S8 and the larger Plus variant affected by the red tint.

Some have speculated the cause might be the unique construction of the display. While typical LCD screens in smartphones utilize three equally-sized subpixels — red, green, and blue — the Galaxy S8’s AMOLED panel features an unconventional layout where small, oval-shaped green pixels sit between much larger, diamond-shaped red and blue pixels. This results in twice as many green sub-pixels as the rest, which, according to industry personnel not identified in the article, initially created a green shift.

Samsung reportedly attempted to correct for this by dialing up the intensity of the red sub-pixels, and in the process, may have made them too strong.

This claim comes several weeks after experts at DisplayMate awarded the Galaxy S8’s panel the highest grade they’ve ever given to a smartphone screen. The review noted the inclusion of a user-adjustable white point setting, and commended the device for its very accurate standard color gamut.

It’s hard to say how prevalent or serious these issues are, as the Galaxy S8 has not officially gone on sale yet in most of the world. However, April 21 is just around the corner, and if this proves to be a common problem with the early run of Samsung’s flagship, you can be sure we’ll hear about it in the days immediately following the launch.

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