HBO Max goes live, Instagram experiments with badges video

Today’s major tech stories include the launch of HBO Max, Instagram’s experimentation with badges and Google Maps’ new tools for donations….

This is CNET, and these are the stories that matter right now. HBO max the HBO anchored streaming service packed with extra shows and movies, launched on Wednesday after months of hype. Like rivals Netflix and Disney plus, HBO Max has a sprawling catalog puppet shows and classic movies, was a big budget slate of exclusive originals Packard stars. But HBO Max is the most expensive of the bunch. It’s been ramping up deals. They’re growing lists of providers that are letting their HBO customers upgrade to max for free. Oddly enough, neither Roku or Amazon Fire TV, I think confirm to have an HBO max app. Together they represent an eye popping 70% of the street. Devices in the country and Instagram is launching new tools on Wednesday aimed at boosting revenue for creators by adding badges to live videos and advertisements on igtv. The features are currently in a testing phase, and Instagram is limiting them to select creators and businesses. The company said in a release on Wednesday Today, I just will show up next to a person’s name during live videos, letting them show their support. There will be reportedly multiple types of hard badges ranging from price from 99 cents to $5. Instagram will restrict viewers to one badge purchase per live video. All this according to TechCrunch And finally Google on Wednesday said it’s revamping its Maps app with new features aimed at helping consumers connect with local businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic. One new tool lets people book virtual appointments like online yoga or cooking classes, along with giving price estimates for the services. Another update lets shops list special hours, like windows specifically designed for seniors or people with compromised immune systems. The changes come as local businesses struggle under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, which spurred months long stay at homes orders in regions across the globe. You can stay up to date with the latest by visiting CNET.

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