How Box is balancing growth and profit as it nears $1B ARR

How does Box plan a future of both growth and making money now that the market appears to demand both? We spoke to CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie to understand its strategy moving forward.

Box reported fiscal Q2 2023 revenue of $246 million last week, up 15% from its year-ago result. While that pace was down slightly from the 18% growth Box posted in its prior quarter, the rate of expansion appears to be what the company fancies in terms of growth moving forward.

That $246 million figure puts the company on a run rate of nearly $1 billion, a magic milestone for any SaaS company. What’s more, the company’s guidance for the current quarter of between $250 million and $252 million puts it over the top in terms of reaching a 10-figure run rate.

By now, it’s well-known that Box has not had an easy time in the public markets. To get to today, it had to survive the slings and arrows of an activist investor, to pick an example, something that it has now come out the other side of.

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