In August, Apple settled a class…

In August, Apple settled a class action lawsuit with some developers, despite continuing to battle Fortnite maker Epic Games….

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Apple’s found itself battling with developers over how it manages its App Store.

James Martin/CNET

Two months after reaching a settlement with some developers over a class action lawsuit over how it manages its App Store for the iPhone and iPad, Apple‘s officially changed its rules to allow app developers to highlight alternative purchasing options outside apps, and also to communicate more directly with customers.

The new rules, which Apple codified in changes to three of its guidelines, allows developers to request name and email information from users, so long as it’s optional and not a required part of using their app. Apple also said it would not allow developers to collect information about kids. 

It will also allow developers to direct people to alternative payment methods, such as a website where someone can buy a subscription connected to an app.

“The App Store is a safe and trust place for customers to discover and download apps, and a great opportunity for developers,” Apple said in its update published Friday.

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