In today’s top stories, Sony is…

In today’s top stories, Sony is allowing PlayStation 5 users to sign up for beta versions of its PS5 system software. Meanwhile, Facebook works with Michigan State University to combat disinformation….

This is CNET. And here are the stories that matter right now. Sony is letting people sign up for the first ever PlayStation five system software beta program. People who gain access will be able to try out new features before their official launch. beta testers can also provide feedback to Sony If you want to drop out of beta, you’ll still be able to restore your system to official software. The beta program is open to a number of countries including Japan, Canada and the US. Facebook is teaming up with Michigan State University to take on deep fakes. Deep fakes use artificial intelligence to generate images or videos of people. That can look incredibly convincing. Facebook and MSU are researching a method that would help determine the origin of deep fake content. This would allow Facebook to crack down on disinformation campaigns. Recently, El Salvador became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. El Salvador turned to the World Bank to help with implementing the cryptocurrency in its economy. However, the World Bank said it could not assist El Salvador. The financial institution said that this was not something You could help with due to both environmental and transparency shortcomings. [BLANK_AUDIO] Stay up to date with the latest by visiting c|

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