Lucid’s delayed EV will use directional sound for driver safety alerts

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The much-anticipated Lucid Air luxury electric sedan should at least sound cool. 

The high-range EV was supposed to be available around now after its September unveiling. Now the car is expected to arrive in the second half of 2021. While the wait continues for the $169,000 premium ride, we’re getting an inside look in the car.

The Air will be the first car ever to have the Dolby Atmos sound system with 21 speakers throughout the car. The high-quality, immersive sound will also be used for driver safety alerts. 

Instead of a generic ping for an unbuckled seatbelt, the sound will come from where the belt is undone. A front seat screen will also show which belts are unbuckled.

The same location-based alerts will sound for blind spot detection, if you start to move out of your lane, and when you put on a turn signal. The sound will come from the direction where the driver should pay attention.  

Derek Jenkins, Lucid’s vice president of design, said in a call that it’s to warn drivers, but “in a subtle way that’s not jarring.”

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