Salesforce chief scientist Richard Socher leaves to start his own company

Former MetaMind CEO Richard Socher said he’s leaving his position as chief scientist at Salesforce to start a new company. …

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Richard Socher today announced that’s he’s leaving his position as chief scientist at Salesforce to create his own startup company. During four years as chief scientist, Socher oversaw research and development initiatives as well as the rise of Einstein cloud AI services like computer vision, language models, translation, and personalized CRM search results.

Socher came to Salesforce following the acquisition of MetaMind in 2016, a company he founded and led as CEO. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. MetaMind is one of a number of startups to spin out of ImageNet competition for large-scale computer vision models, which took place from 2010 to 2017.

Salesforce Research was created in 2016 shortly after the acquisition, and since then has produced work like the AI Economist, a reinforcement learning environment for generating tax policy, and a method for removing gender bias from AI models.

Socher said in a tweet he will retain a role as an advisor to Salesforce.

VentureBeat has reached out to Salesforce for details about when Socher will leave the company and for details on who the company will name to be its next chief scientist. We will update this story if we hear back.

Socher is scheduled to deliver a fireside chat about advances in NLP and other forms of AI later this week at VentureBeat’s Transform conference.

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