Save 24% on Samsung’s 65-inch The Frame TV

You no longer have to choose between streaming movies and displaying art. Samsung’s QLED The Frame TV is currently 24% off, but hurry — stock is limited.


The Frame 2022 (right) has a matte-textured coating that makes artwork appear more realistic than last year’s glossy finish (left).

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I fell in love with Samsung’s The Frame QLED 4K smart TV when I first saw it at their flagship store, but I didn’t want to pay full price. If you’ve been eyeing this 65-inch TV, great news arrived today: It’s currently on sale for 24% off on Woot!, bringing the price down to only $1,519.

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If you’re unfamiliar with The Frame, the 65-inch 4K screen brings your favorite movies and shows to life with quantum technology. And when you’re not watching TV, you can display a visual masterpiece using Art Mode. Just head over to Samsung’s Art store to pick out your favorite work of art.

With Quantum HDR, the screen offers top-notch contrast and 100% color volume. Plus, with the specialized anti-glare matte display, you won’t have to worry about seeing only parts of the picture.

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The Frame TV includes a slim wall mount, and it appears flush against the wall, just like another work of art. Whether you place it in your living room or bedroom, it’s designed to resemble a picture frame for those who prefer a sleek aesthetic to a bulky TV.

However, it’s important to note this deal does not offer bezel customization. If you would prefer the customizable option, I recommend heading over to Samsung’s site for that added feature. But heads up – you’ll pay full price on the tech retailer’s site.

This deal, available exclusively at Woot!, will only last while supplies are available. To take advantage of this deal, you can add it to your cart today and save 24% on the 65-inch model. Otherwise, if you’re looking for another great TV deal, head to our picks for best TV deals right now.

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