The best cannabis industry newsletters, sites, and podcasts

Marijuana Business Daily, WeedWeek, and Marijuana Moment are just a few of the resources to help you stay on top of the latest in the cannabis industry. …

Today’s cannabis industry is a constantly shifting landscape of legal developments, policy changes, company fortunes, and product innovations. After you’re done reading our latest field guide, check out this selection of people, organizations, and outlets to help you keep up.

Keeping up with the news(letters)

  • Marijuana Business Daily publishes great data insights in addition to US, international, and hemp industry editions of the news and newsletters.
  • WeedWeek, helmed by Alex Halperin (who has also written about cannabis for Quartz), puts out California and Canada editions in addition to its general newsletter, which covers a wide array of business and political news aggregated from outlets including WeedWeek’s own robust site. Halperin also cohosts a weekly podcast with journalist Donnell Alexander.
  •  Marijuana Moment’s newsletter aggregates both US and international legal developments in the weed world, and links to related stories about cannabis culture, business, and science. The website is also updated regularly with original news stories and features a bill tracker for keeping up with cannabis legislation. Editor and longtime cannabis reform activist Tom Angell is also a good Twitter follow.
  • Politico publishes regular cannabis coverage on its site, and also offers a members-only guide to the industry and Morning Pro newsletter, which is cowritten by Mona Zhang, formerly of cannabis newsletter Word on the Tree.
  • Many US newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Boston Globe feature cannabis news as part of their regular coverage.
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