The Next Four Years: A Weeds series

What’s actually at stake for Americans as the new Biden administration solidifies and approaches a January handoff of power from the Trump White House?

Starting in mid-November, Matt Yglesias will host a special eight-episode limited series of Vox’s original talk policy and politics talk show, The Weeds. It will run on Fridays for eight weeks, starting on November 13, 2020, and running until mid-January 2021, and Matt will be joined by policymakers and experts to discuss the likely consequences of the election and the challenges facing the incoming Biden administration.

We’ll cover everything from Cabinet appointments to relationships with Congress to the points of tension and the limits imposed by political and procedural reality as the Biden administration begins to develop and enact policies around the pandemic, the economy, immigration, and climate change, as well as potential changes to the Supreme Court.

The debut episode features Karl Smith, a Bloomberg columnist and adjunct scholar at the Tax Foundation, who offers perspective on what worked about the pre-Covid labor market, how Republicans in Congress are thinking about budgetary issues, and the prospects for bipartisan collaboration on full employment.

On Friday, November 20, Emma Ashford of the Atlantic Council and formerly the Cato Institute, will cast a critical eye on Biden’s approach to national security — an area where he’s most likely to find agreement with GOP leaders but tensions with his own base.

Future episodes on the Covid-19 transition, what’s left of the green agenda under a divided government, and how the new administration will handle ongoing antitrust litigation are in the works.

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