The US was the top destination of Indians who gave up their citizenship in 2021

More than 163,000 Indians gave up their citizenship in 2021. …

The US has emerged as the top choice among Indians leaving their country after renouncing its citizenship in 2021.

More than 163,000 Indians, the highest in the past five years, gave up their citizenship in this period, according to data shared (pdf) by the Narendra Modi government yesterday (July 19).

This was also the period when India witnessed a catastrophic second wave of covid-19, forcing many to seriously consider leaving the country permanently. It must be noted that India does not allow dual citizenship.

Where do Indians want to go?

US citizenship was the most sought for “reasons personal to them,” the government said.

Of the 163,370 individuals who gave up citizenship of India in 2021, a major chunk of 78,284 chose the US as their adoptive country. Other top choices were Australia, Canada, the UK, and Italy.

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