Twitter is making it crystal clear…

Twitter is making it crystal clear — rules are rules….


Twitter will let you know if your account is suspended or locked when you log in. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Before now, if your Twitter was suspended or locked you’d receive an email. But you might not check it before sending a tweet. Now, Twitter doesn’t leave any room for guessing what’s wrong with your account thanks to the new banner. 

The social media giant is testing out a banner that shows users if their account is permanently suspended or locked. The Twitter Support account made the announcement today in a tweet. 

You’ll still be able to appeal your suspension, but liking, tweeting and retweeting are out of the question. It’s unclear who will see the new banners or how long until Twitter decides if the banners will be around for good. 

Twitter did not immediately respond with further information. More to come. 

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