What will the UK’s rejection of Huawei cost?

Experts disagree about the economic impact of excluding the Chinese tech giant from Britain’s 5G infrastructure. …

The British government has banned Chinese telecom giant Huawei from its 5G network.

Culture secretary Oliver Dowden told the House of Commons that UK mobile providers will be prevented from buying Huawei 5G equipment after December 31 under a revised telecommunications bill that the government will table for a vote in the fall. Dowden also announced that providers with Huawei kit in their networks must remove it by 2027.

This decision has been weeks in the making, and will likely further damage the relationship between London and Beijing, although Washington is likely celebrating it. Acknowledging the geopolitical nature of this decision, Dowden said that the UK wants “a modern and mature relationship with China based on mutual respect.” (The UK also seeks a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.)

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