YouTube at work on TikTok rival, Zoom’s privacy risks video

Today’s major tech headlines include YouTube’s work on a TikTok rival, the potential privacy risks associated with using the now ultra-popular Zoom service and a report that says consumers have already lost millions thanks to coronavirus scams….

This is CNET and here are the stories that matter right now. YouTube is reportedly working on a tick tock arrival called shorts to release by the end of 2020. The new Google feature will be part of the YouTube app according to the information citing to unnamed sources Wednesday. It would also allow users to create and upload their own short videos. Tik Tok. a social media platform where users post short videos was the most downloaded app of last year, with more than 700 million downloads. With Corona virus causing a surge in work from home activity. Zoom has quickly become the video meeting app of choice. But privacy experts had previously expressed concerns about Zoom. In 2019, the video conferencing software experienced both a webcam hacking scandal and a bug that allowed snooping users to potentially join video meetings they hadn’t been invited to. This month, the Electronic Frontier Foundation cautioned users working from home about the software’s onboard privacy features. And finally, since the beginning of the year consumers have $4.77 million to coronavirus related scams, the Federal Trade Commission set on Tuesday with a median loss of $598. In a post the FTC said it’s seen as surging complaints surrounding Corona virus scams. These scams ranged from travel and vacation refund and cancellation deceptions. Two mobile texting scams and scammers posing as the government. They total more than 7800 complaints. [MUSIC] You can stay up to date with the latest, visiting CNET. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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