Read up on your day off: TechCrunch+ is having a Labor Day sale

We’re having a sale, meaning that you can get access to TechCrunch+ for a tidy discount.

Hello friends, Alex here from the TechCrunch+ team. We’re having a sale, meaning that you can get access to TechCrunch+ for a tidy discount. If you are a regular TechCrunch reader, this is for you.

Snag our Labor Day discount for TechCrunch+ here!

What is TechCrunch+?

TechCrunch+ is the work on that sits behind the paywall. It’s a bit more analytical than our news-focused work that you have known for more than a decade now. TechCrunch+ is very much like TechCrunch, if longer-form and a bit more data-focused.

We do the odd sale at TechCrunch+, usually around a holiday. They are a good excuse to make a little fuss about the hard work of our reporters and edit staff, which means that today I get a chance to brag about the folks I am lucky enough to work with. Indulge me:

Dominic-Madori Davis wrote what I think is our best work on the Adam Neumann-Flow matter, and has led our coverage of Black founders in recent months as the venture capital market has evolved. And she’s looking around the United States’ less well-known venture capital markets, getting to the brass tacks with data and what’s changing this year.

Rebecca Szkutak has been more than busy since joining earlier this year. She’s digging into all things startups, from what’s going on with the Midwest and the fate of HR-focused startups to how first-time funding managers are faring in 2022 and why government funding may be an undertapped resource. (Oh, and she wrote about Israeli startups, as well as those in the U.S. Southeast.)

Tim De Chant brought an entirely new domain of expertise to TechCrunch+. As our leading climate writer, he is taking us through how the United States could become a battery powerhouse, why we need a climate change emoji, and where venture dollars are flowing when it comes to neo-energy sources. Tim is brilliant at explaining complex scientific concepts, which rules.

Jacqueline Melinek, who heads up our crypto-focused coverage on TechCrunch+, has been writing up a storm since coming aboard, including lots of work on the web3 regulatory environment, where all that blockchain fundraising went, and why folks from the Solana team to Anthony Hopkins are still into NFTs. (She’s also on the TechCrunch crypto podcast, Chain Reaction.)

Walter Thompson leads our external contributions work, bringing in voices from the technology community to discuss founder- and investor-related matters. The how-to stuff you see on TechCrunch+ comes from his hands, for which we are more than grateful. The goal of TechCrunch+ is to provide founders with the information they need to understand their market, and then act. Walter’s work forms the crux of the latter effort.

Anna Heim has been rocking lately as well, helping regularly write TechCrunch+’s daily markets-focused column and taking on its weekly newsletter. And, as the former owner of that particular bit of digital property, let me add “and improving it in the process” to that sentence. Anna also writes focused investor surveys, interviews VCs, and more.

TechCrunch+ is one part of the larger TechCrunch family, which means that our colleagues from the main site also contribute. We’re lucky to have words often from Ron Miller (enterprise, big data, M&A), Natasha Mascarenhas (fintech, edtech, early-stage startups), Mary Ann Azevedo (fintech, Texas, proptech), Anita Ramaswamy (the wild world of crypto), Kyle Wiggers (enterprise software and so much more), Haje Jan Kamps (pitch decks, venture capital how-tos) — the list goes on and on.

This is all to say that after years of work, TechCrunch+ is bigger, better, and I hope more informative and fun than ever before. We’re still expanding our output and our geographic footprint. More markets are coming, we promise.

That’s enough from me, I reckon. What are you waiting for: Snag the discount code! We’re cooking up a huge new batch of words for you as you read this, and you don’t wanna miss them!

TechCrunch+ Editor in Chief

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